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About Us:- The Access Center

About Us


The Access Centre (TAC) is an organization operating in the Northern Part of Uganda. It is non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit and non-sectarian Organization, drawing its membership from a wide spectrum and involvement of Ugandans that share the goals of the Organization of promoting Education among the OVCs, Environmental sustainability through tree planting, Modern farming/Agriculture, capacity building, health and sanitation, transparency and accountability, technology advancement and networking among others.

TAC was formed on the 8th of February 2015 and its membership has since grown tremendously. It’s fully being run by Ugandan nationals who largely come from the region. Its contact office is located in Agago District in Agago town council and on an Email; otto.tom@gmail.com

The overriding desire of TAC is to have a vibrant organization actively engaged in advocacy for equitable and just policies and programs that duly meet the concerns and aspirations of the people of the region and citizen of Uganda at large. The vision and mission statements of TAC and its stated core values clearly lend credence to this mandate and provide justification for its existence. The Organization boosts of a highly diversified membership that comprises of faith-based organizations (FBOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), national and international NGOs.

TAC’s Vision and Mission is ‘’Global partnership for Real development’’. Pressing forward; for greater results and impact; to all who wish the people of Eastern Uganda well, your support is welcome.


TAC is pro-poor and specializes in remote and hard to reach areas where the organization delivers life –transforming interventions to people, families and communities. To date TAC operates in Northern Region in over 5 districts each with a focal person coordinating and overseeing the operations.


In carrying out project activities, we employ an integrated, consultative and participatory approach that is multi-disciplinary in nature. The Organization executes its mandate through a three-prolonged approach, namely: -

Carrying out Civic education: to build the civic competence of citizens so that every citizen of this region becomes aware of his or her rights and responsibilities, and among other things that education for children, food security, and environmental conservation is each of us responsibility which every citizen of this country must take part.

Networking with other stakeholders: : We involve both civil society and public sector, to promote Environment conservation, Modern farming, education, health, water and sanitation, capacity building among others.

Through open places like: churches, schools, mosques and other similar places of gatherings (Markets).


  • Integrity - Be open, honest and ethical in everything we do.
  • Courage - Standup and be heard, do the right thing, take action, make decisions that are appropriate to your level of responsibility.
  • Urgency - Act quickly, our beneficiaries expect a lot from us, our development partners have trust in us.
  • Respect - Listen, hear the value in every one’s ideas, and appreciate every one for their own contributions and abilities.
  • Excellence - Striving for the highest achievements in everything we do. Establish a model of excellence for others to replicate. Don’t ever be satisfied. Invent better ways.
  • Accountability - TAC upholds upward, downward and professional accountabilities, respectively.
  • Transparency - TAC performs its mandate of combating corruption, promotion of Human Rights, peace and democratic governance with all the openness.
  • Community-participation - TAC involves communities in the project areas in the implementation of its planned activities.