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Our Works:- The Access Center

Our Works

Promoting Education

TAC is committed to providing basic education to underprivileged children. Education is the means as well as the end to a better life. We believe whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control or unemployment, there's no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Environmental Protection

TAC achieves this through tree planting, drainage system opening, protection of International water resources and community mobilization about the value of the environment.

Agricultural modernization

TAC sensitizes the community to actively participate in commercial production by adapting and adopting modern farming techniques i.e. use of manure, mulching, crop rotation among others.

Water & Sanitation

TAC has a conviction that for a country to be productive, its citizen must be healthy, hygienic and have access to save drinking water. It is on this basis that we take time to mobilize and sensitize our beneficiaries to demand their leaders the desired services.

Promoting Health

Communities are at the heart of TAC’s work. We seek to strengthen health systems and to design and enhance interventions that improve people’s access to health through their active participation. We strive to enable communities to live healthier lives every day. We work with the poorest and most marginalized people in Uganda.

We Do Research

TAC espouses core values of objectivity, fairness, truth, transparency and collective action. We believe in factual presentation of issues in order to effectively influence the powers that be and thus cause a positive change for the good of the people. The focus of this program is to research, manage and disseminate information with the intention of stimulating action from both organization and duty bearers.

Members’ Capacity Development

TAC believes in effectively creating greater impact if it carries out its work through its members that are found in virtually in a very district. More so to build a greater clout and become a force to reckon, the organization focuses on building capacities of its members to effectively engage local authorities and monitor performance of local officials in their catchment areas.

strategic alliances & partnerships

TAC cannot work in isolation. To effectively carry out its advocacy and capacity building activities, strong alliances or partnerships with strategic stakeholders is established. This involve among others securing membership with strategic national advocacy organizations, creating linkages with government oversight agencies and negotiating a collaboration framework with local governments.